Posted on: January 14, 2009 2:33 am

Eli, his future in the Meadowlands??

As a Giant fan I think it's time to state the obvious. We lost Sunday.

The Eagles were a better team, no excuses. But I have had a growing concern even last year and certainly at the end of this year about our guy Eli. He is our franchise quarterback, he has won a Super Bowl, is a great person, I'm sure good father, great family heritage and great American. Like I tell people I wish my oldest daughter could marry him and next to Derrick Jeter the classiest athlete in NYC.


As a giant fan my whole life (growing up in Fairfield, Ct where the likes of Sam Huff, Frank Gifford and Any Robistelli had summer camp) I had the opportunity to watch a few quarterbacks' play in a Stadium much like the Meadowlands, Yankee Stadium. Perhaps not quite as windy but just as cold and felt colder when tackled on the dirt infield!! It took a certain type of quarterback to play on that field. I never saw Charlie Connolly play, but did see YA, Johnny U on TV and of course Joe Namath. What did all these guys do on a cold windy day..throw a tight spiral. What did Phil Simms arguably the best quarterback to play in the Meadowland do? Throw a tight spiral into the wind and just as important with the wind. . What did Ben Roslisberg, David Rivers and Donovan McNabb the other three quarterbacks that played yesterday do? They all got the ball to their receivers not because of their arm strength (that helps) but they threw spirals into the wind and with the wind.


Eli for what ever reason can't seem to do this. When you can't do it your ball floats, you try throwing harder and your ball sails (the two interceptions were over throws.) Unfortunately I don't think you can learn it, it's an instinct that some have and can do without thinking. I have seen him do this several times this year. If it wasn't for one final drive they lose to Cincinnati at home. Carson Palmer by the way with a bad elbow threw darts (tight spirals) to crossing receivers all day. Yes he won in Green Bay, but it was the defense and the kicker who determined that game.

Brett Farr made a living throwing darts in the cold and that was home field advantage in Green Bay. We see the difference now losing arm strength why he can't win in the Meadowlands. The Jets realized that with Pennington and thought Brett could wing it won more time in the cold and he did until his shoulder went out down the stretch.


We have no home field advantage with Eli. In fact we are at a disadvantage.

Look at his stats in warm weather and compare. He won the Dallas game in Texas last year on a dry 55' degree track. Great guy, competitive, I like his demeanor, but just the wrong guy for the Giants in the Meadowlands'.

The Giants had it all yesterday. They played good defense, they ran the ball enough probably too much but perhaps new they had no choice?? Eli just could not get the ball to a receiver. He threw one good ball to Hixson. Count the rest up? Amani Toomer can't beat anyone with his feet anymore, he is our best possession receiver but it's all timing and accuracy to him. Eli could not get the ball to our best possession receiver on a cold day. The passes to Steve Smith were almost hysterical, Eli trying to throw harder sailing them over his head and twice to safeties sitting back.


It really bothers me to say this (because I don't like the guy) but if the Giants kept Rivers, we would have still won a Super Bowl and I believe would be headed back this year. He plays with no defense in San Diego no running game this year (0 yards in second half yesterday in Pitt) he threw darts, tight spirals on a snowing cold windy day.I know they lost but he doesn't have the cast of characters Eli has.


Unless we build a dome, I don't see it happening us New Englanders associate good football with cold and snow, plus we couldn't make fun of the Rams coming to town anymore. Let's cut bait Giant fans. We will always start off strong in warm weather and get beat either at home (look at our record in the Meadowlands last year??) or another NFC cold place. It's better for Eli, again a great human being; I think like Payton he prefers the South. Payton has a better arm and can throw a spiral and he can't win in Foxboro!! There is a reason the Pat's went with strong arm quarterback out of Michigan..


PS: Eagle fans, you won yesterday but the Giants did what they said they were going to do, shut down Westbrook and protect Eli. You had 31 yards in the first half and the lead..what a shame. We didn't lose because an idiot shot himself or our desire was less than last year playoff time. You won because your boy (by the way classless on the phone by Giants bench) throws a spiral and ours can't. We need to find a spiral guy.. Elway, Doug Williams, Vinny Testaverde, Terry Bradshaw type of spiral for the Meadowlands. I would mention Joe Willy but the pantyhose thing in NY still makes me cringe.


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